Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus earlier this morning from Auckland, New Zealand
I didn't think I'd get to see much today as it's pretty cloudy.  However, the clouds broke and there was as chance to see the transit of Venus across the sun.  I used my Nikkor 70-200mm lens with an aperture of f16 and ... wait for it ... a welding mask!  I set the camera on Live View and then tried to line things up to get the shot.
Same shot as before, but with a bit of a twiddle in Photoshop in an attempt to correct the colours.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Khuja Bar.

That's right video launch at the Khuja Bar ... ready for the guests to arrive

Great fun at the Khuja Bar in Auckland's CBD.  Wonderful atmosphere for the launch of Jason Eli's music video, "That's Right".  I've tried to find a link to the video, but can't find anything ... sorry.  There's a few photos on Facebook of the folks who attended the launch.  Great fun had by one and all.

Whilst waiting for the guests to arrive I had a chance to look around the venue and was quite taken by the VIP Lounge.  The scene just seemed to cry out for a bit of HDR treatment, so that's what you can see below.  I didn't take a tripod, so a door frame acted as a stabiliser for the camera.  I've also attached the five images used to created the HDR shot you see below ... just for fun.  I think the HDR treatment has worked for the better in this instance ... do you?
5 shot HDR image of the VIP Lounge at the Khuja Bar.

What the camera thought was OK (0EV)


Friday, June 1, 2012

Pacific Music Awards 2012

Malcolm Lakatani and his band play tribute to Keil Isles at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards
So much musical talent, so much joy and happiness, such a wonderful atmosphere, but how could it be anything else with so many Pacific Island people at the event?  It was superb.  Lifetime achievement award was presented to Keil Isles for whom there was a tribute performance by Malcolm Lakatani and his band.  And what a band!!  Semi Leo on bass guitar, Chrismas Ropati on lead guitar, Patrick Tanielu on drums, Saylene Ulberg on keyboards, Ross Devereux and Thabani Gapara on sax and the gorgeous Grace Ikenasio on backing vocals ... Wow!!  If the Keil Isles band was like these guys then I can see why they were so popular.  Wonderful performance and such a shame it had to end.
Quite a few artists performed on stage and it was a real privilege to be there and soak up the atmosphere.  I suppose Adeaze must be the main talking point at the conclusion of the awards.  These humble guys managed to win Best Urban Album, Best Pacific Group and Best Pacific Song for their track Paradise.  Great to see them perform on stage too!  If you haven't heard them head over here ... and take a look.  There's a short music video you'll see on their homepage.  Well worth a listen.

I'll close this post now with a few more shots from the night.  Want to see more?  Head on over to my Facebook page to see a small album of the Adeaze boys, Mista Lakatani's band, and some general shots from the night.